bride faces away from camera holding purple bouquet
Credit: Unsplash

This type of cuteness doesn’t happen every day: A little girl mistook a bride for a princess from her favorite book, and naturally, she had a total fangirl-meets-royalty moment. Honestly, who needs to look at imagined photos of Disney princesses as human brides when your kid intuition is so on point that you can spot one in real life?

That’s precisely what happened when Scott Robertson and his wife Shandace Lerma got married last year, Bored Panda reports. The newlyweds encountered a little girl on the Seattle streets who was convinced that Lerma was The Princess Bride IRL.

Robertson wrote about the heartwarming encounter and shared pics of the little girl giving his wife the princess treatment. Luckily, the couple’s wedding photographer Stephanie Cristalli was on hand to capture the moment.

And in true princess fashion, Lerma happily played along, chatting with the little girl, posing for photos, and even giving her a flower from the bridal bouquet to commemorate their magical encounter (because that’s decorum for real-life princesses, too).

The little girl was lucky enough to meet her personal fairy tale fave, but according to Lerma, the child’s mother also got something out of the meeting, other than seeing her daughter overcome with joy.

“Her mom joked that ‘now I don’t have to take her to Disney World because she’s already seen a princess,'” Lerma told PopSugar.

Wins for everyone!