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Whitney Houston may have gotten it right when she said, “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” Because this little one is looking for the same answers we are. In a series of Instagram videos, we see the most adorable little girl asking important questions about Barack Obama.

The videos were posted by user @tabgeezy, and features five-year-old Taylor asking her mother some serious political questions. “Where did Barack Obama go?”

This is something we’ve also been wondering. It seems like every time we open our social media feeds, we see Mr. Obama out there living his very best life. We’ve seen him hanging out with royalty, vacationing with his family and friends, giving speeches, and pretty much just looking amazing and super tanned. So, most days, we, too are wondering where Obama is right now.

But little Taylor is clearly a bit more troubled by his sudden absence. She asked, “Why do we have another president? Why did he go? Where did he go?”

We can only imagine how confusing the current political situation must be for our kids. Perhaps, like Taylor’s mom, the best we can do is try to explain in terms they understand. Like, voting for pizza at school.

But little mama wasn’t buying it. With her adorably dramatic hand gestures and tiny voice, she goes on to question: “So how come Hillary did not get to be the President and why is she the loser and what are they even supposed to be winning?”

Needless to say we’re so obsessed with this bright young girl and we applaud her mother for breaking down the facts in a way her daughter can understand. Politics can be confusing even for us grown ups.