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Adam Levine has been married to model Behati Prinsloo for a year now. We think they’re an adorbs couple and by-in-large everyone seems to agree! Everyone, that is, except for one very heartbroken little girl named Mila.

While in the car (Mila, strapped into her car seat) Mila’s mom, Veronica, broke the matrimony news to her daughter and caught Mila’s reaction on camera. Clearly Mila had been out of the tabloid loop for the last year or so, because this news definitely came as a huge blow. Poor Mila doesn’t take it well, and refuses to believe that it could possibly be true. We’ll let you see her reaction for yourself. Adam, have you seen this too?

Mila, we feel you. First heartbreak is always hard. Feel those feels, girl.

[Image via YouTube]