Kenya Foy
Updated Mar 28, 2017 @ 5:23 pm
little girl meets robot
Credit: @marxj1 /

Regardless of their reputations for being pint-sized tantrum throwers, toddlers can also be extremely endearing without even realizing it. Like repeating the word “no” ad infinitum, becoming attached to random people, animals and objects seems to come naturally to them. Case in point: This little girl who met a “robot” and adorably professed her love for it.

According to CW33, the robot that instantly stole little Rayna’s heart is actually a hot water heater that someone set on the roadside for trash pickup, but one of the facts about falling in love is that the inexplicably magical experience has the ability to make us blind.

That said, we completely understand how a little kid like Rayna fell head over heels for her beloved “robot.”

In the YouTube clip titled “Rayna meets a ‘robot,'” the smitten tot gets right down to the business of greeting her new friend with an adorably high-pitched, “Hi, wobot.” She even waves at her tall, dark and handsome appliance for good measure, before going in for the kill with a huge hug and an “I love you, wobot” that is so cute our human hearts cannot handle it.

Awww! This innocent interaction between toddler and an abandoned, lifeless appliance is a perfect demonstration of the power of love. Without even realizing it, little Rayna has taught us a lot about the power of love and how we can all benefit from being a little more open-hearted, loving and kind (yes, even to inanimate objects).