Rachel Paige
Updated Apr 14, 2015 @ 11:39 pm

Are you ready for a case of the feels? Think back to a time in your childhood (or hey, even your recent adulthood) when you sat down to enjoy your favorite Disney movie — and then that Disney movie went and ripped your heart out, only to leave you bawling your eyes out. It’s OK, we’ve all been there. One little girl just went there recently, and her dad was nearby to capture it all on video.

Fair warning, 100% chance of crying ahead.

Little Viktoria watched The Lion King for the first time, as her dad, Keith, sat nearby. We hear the music swell as Viktoria slowly wells up. On screen Simba learns that his father has just been killed in a wildebeests stampede. Ugh, “Dad! Dad? Come on, you gotta get up,” might be the saddest line of dialogue in all movie history. Viktoria thinks so, too.

She tries to keep it together as best she can, but it’s no use. The Lion King has hit Viktoria right in the feels, and now we feel it too. It’s totally cool if you need a moment, considering that this is one of the most traumatic death scenes in cinema ever, and it’s from an animated movie where they sing about eating bugs. Excuse me for a second, but I’ve got something in my eye…

Try to watch the video of Viktoria crying without crying yourself. It might not be humanly possible.

Image via here.