Picture something adorable: a little girl in ladybug rain boots, a life vest, a big bow on top of her head, and a Barbie fishing pole, fishing with her daddy. Now, picture her catching a FIVE-POUND BASS with said Barbie fishing pole. You're picturing reality, my friend, because the world is a wonderful place.

Little Avery was on a fishing trip with her dad on the lake when there was a tug on her little pink fishing rod. With her dad in the background filming it all and cheering her on — she started to reel that sucker in.

There were times when she thought she couldn't hold onto the pole and asked for her dad's help — "I can't get it, you need to help me!" — but with her dad's encouragement (and LOTS of laughing from both of them), she kept on going.

Her dad probably thought that Avery was reeling in a little fish, but it turns out that her shouts of "IT'S SO HEAVY" were seriously legit. When she reeled in her fish, her dad just kept saying, "Oh my gosh, Avery." "This thing is 20 — it's 20 inches," we can hear him say, totally shocked as Avery giggles.

Yeah, Avery, we're pretty sure that this fish counts for a lot more than just one. It's a MONSTER. You're a master fisherman with your fabulous Barbie pole. Since the video was posted just two days ago, it has gone totally viral, with over 800,000 views, and for good reason: Obviously, little girls can totally kick ass in whatever they do. And it's extra special when their dad's right behind them, cheering them on.

Check out the whole video below and prepare for one serious daddy-daughter bestie moment.

(Images via YouTube)