Do you ever feel overwhelmingly frustrated when you hang out with your friends, and they spend the entire time hypnotized by their phones? It can really stink!

Well, one little boy figured out the perfect solution for those times when people say they are chilling with you, but they are really chilling with their Twitter feed. This smart youngster was so ticked off that his mom wasn’t giving him her full attention when they were together that he wrote her up a ticket for $112,938,784,657,394,871,217.

Sounds reasonable.

The ticket looks fairly official, written up in blue ink on what appears to be the kind of notebook paper you keep next to the phone for jotting down messages or doodling while on a call. This little boy hasn’t been to law school, but he sure knows how to lay down the law.

“Ticket,” the paper reads. “For being on your phone most of the time and not being (seriously) with me a lot.”

Wow, mom. You got served!

The photo of the ticket was first posted on Imgur, but has since been removed. Daily Mail has the full image here. The second half of the ticket might be the most brilliant part. “Your fine,” it reads, “112,938,784,657,394,871,217 dollars!!” Note the two exclamation points. “Hope you enjoy paying the fine!”

Even if the tone is mocking, that’s probably the most polite ticket ever issued. Well, mom, hope you have a gazillion dollars in your savings account. Do the crime, gotta pay the fine.

(Image via Twitter and NBC/Giphy.)