Little boy has meltdown when mom tells him Obama won’t be president anymore, and we honestly couldn’t relate more

To say the presidential election has us stressed TF out would be a massive understatement. The frazzled, mentally frayed adults of this nation are tasked with electing a new leader of the free world, so we can all relate to this kid crying over having to choose a new president.

Apparently, Christopher absolutely ~lurves~ President Obama and isn’t quite ready to place our current POTUS in his personal “People From the Good Ol’ Days” file. In the video Christopher’s mom shared on Twitter, she explains that we can’t get out of electing a new president, ensuring him that “it’s the rules – we have to pick a new president.” But he’s not trying to hear her and promptly tells her, “No, it’s not.”

And that’s when all hell breaks loose. false

Due to his diehard dedication to our commander-in-chief, little Christopher completely loses it when he hears that he has to choose between Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

WE FEEL YOU, CHRISTOPHER. From the core of our tortured souls, we do.


Honestly, we feel beyond terrible that this kid already has so many feels about the upcoming election. The biggest stressor in his day should be choosing which crayons to use (do kids still color?) or throwing a tantrum over what his mom puts in his lunchbox. The good thing is he probably won’t be surprised when he gets older and comes face to face with the inevitable difficulties of adulting.