The Dodo
June 19, 2014 3:12 pm

This post was written by Jenny Kutner on The Dodo.

Who doesn’t love a nice bath sometimes? That might be what this lost little blue penguin thought when he climbed into an outdoor tub in Eastbourne, New Zealand — but it probably wasn’t what he was thinking after he got stuck. The wild penguin is one of a very shy species that typically avoids human interaction near the holiday hotel managed by Lynne Plimmer, who received a call about the bathing bird on Tuesday morning.

“Honestly, I couldn’t believe it,” Plimmer told Stuff. “I thought, ‘I’m hearing things’ … Maybe it thought it was the sea or something and jumped in in the dark.”

With the help of five humans and a nice soft towel to land on, the penguin was able to get out of the bath. He eventually made his way back to the sea inside a recycling bin, and was likely relieved to be back in the ocean. According to witnesses, the penguin only turned back once, then happily swam away.