Lindsey Sirera
March 17, 2017 1:56 pm

From everything Lisa Vanderpump touches, we expect nothing less than polish and pizazz. And of course, that includes her pups as well. Fans of the Vanderpump Rules star already know that Lisa’s got a major soft spot for her pooches and well, animals in general. That soft spot has blossomed into one majorly fabulous project we’re currently ~obsessing~ over: her posh rescue dog center.

What she calls a “puppy palace” is certainly every rescue dog’s dream-come-true. With crystal chandeliers, velvet couches, a pink dog selfie wall and visitors like Lance Bass, the Vanderpump Dog Adoption Center aka Vanderpump Dogs is exactly what we wish every rescue pup could experience.

Since opening its doors earlier this month, the Los Angeles dog adoption center has already attracted quite a bit of buzz. The main goal here is to connect rescues with their new families, but there’s a lot of other things going on at this doggy retreat.

Grooming services are a big part of the equation, here. The rescue dogs are treated to doggy blowouts. It’s called getting “VanderPuffed.” And don’t worry, your dogs can make an appointment to come in and get Vanderpuffed, too.

There’s plenty of pretty Vanderpump Pets merchandise for sale here, too, like fluffy pink blankets and chewy toys. Plus, the proceeds go towards keeping up (and maybe expanding?) the dog center.

And have we mentioned the puppy cafe, where your pup and their four-legged friends can convene over doggy biscuits? Ah, the life!

Lisa’s philosophy here is simple: By creating a posh, pretty setting in which rescue dogs and adopters can really bond, it creates a better system in which pups and their people can find each other.

There are plenty of dogs up for adoption at the center right now, including a pregnant mama who’s about to have pups!

So if you’re in the LA area and looking for a new addition to your fam, pah-lease #adoptdontshop and open your hearts to one of these angels!