We’re five year away from it, but the 2020 presidential race is already heating up. At this year’s VMA’s, Kanye West decided to let us know his political aspirations. Now, Lindsay Lohan has decided to throw her name into the ring, and is considering running for president for the next-next election. This is so fetch.

Lohan first declared her intentions via Instagram, as all major presidential candidates now do (no, they do not, but things will have clearly changed a lot by 2020). She praises President Obama’s motto of, “yes we can,” and then mentions how she feels inspired to keep that up, along with trying to “be better people.” Then she gives a shout out to West (but accidentally links to a parody account).

No matter, that’s fine, we can hear her message loud and clear. Lohan then posts a few more pictures of her and her newly-formed running platform. She wants to focus on the children of the world, and try to bring an end to their suffering through world peace. These is actually an idea we really like. But, ummmm, on a scale of one to ten, how serious is the former star of The Parent Trap about this?

It’s hard to tell. Her images might be in good fun, or she could be very serious about this. Like, serious enough to start campaigning now to either get the Mathletes nomination, or at least buddy up with West and be his running mate/future VP by the time 2020 rolls around.

Let’s still not forget that 2020 is FIVE YEARS AWAY and we should work on getting through the 2016 election first. And then, we’ll focus all our attention to getting Lohan to the White House where it’ll be made LAW that we have to wear pink on Wednesdays and butter’s carb status will finally be cleared up, once and for all.

(Image via Paramount Pictures.)