I was seriously considering making Katy Perry’s Grammy boobs the QOTD until I found this precious puppy. So be thankful. You’re not sick of precious puppies, are you? If you’re not, then you are in for a treat because this puppy is SO PRECIOUS. Lily is a sweet baby angel face Golden Retriever in Bristol, VA, who was born without a paw due to a complication during her birth. I know. Commence “AWW”-ing.

Okay, but now stop.

Despite her disability, she’s still capable of bounding around and skidding on the floor and licking and loving and snuggling, which is why her owner, Heather Mullin, knew she’d be a perfect fit as a therapy dog for patients with physical disabilities. Especially when Mullin, who is an occupational therapist herself, decided to have Lily fitted for an adorably small prosthetic paw of her own.

And it’s totally up to Lily to decide whether or not the prosthetic paw is going to work for her. If she doesn’t take to it and would rather flop around on her own, Heather is totally cool with that. So yeah, she’s not just around to induce squeals of joy, people. Lily’s making decisions and influencing the people around her to take their happiness into their own hands, despite their injuries.

Can we please Puppy Cam a playdate between Lily and BeeBee? My heart will melt quicker than butter in a hot pan.

Featured image via Life With Dogs