Stephanie Hallett
January 13, 2017 3:51 pm

We’ve all been there: We add something to our Amazon cart, leave it there for a few weeks, and watch as the price goes up and down until we finally take the plunge and click “purchase.” But what if you didn’t have to sit around waiting around for the price to drop — because there was an app to do it for you? Enter Paribus, the app that deposits free money into your bank account with almost zero effort on your part.

The basic concept is simple: You let Paribus scan your email for shopping receipts — and a company rep confirms that the app looks at those receipts only, not at your other emails — and it tracks price drops on items you’ve purchased. If a price is reduced, Paribus files a claim on your behalf then deposits the money you get back into your bank account, taking a 25% “success fee.”


The app is synced up with 28 different retailers — including Amazon, Best Buy, Anthropologie, REI, Tagret, and Nordstrom — and you never have to provide your email password, so your data is as safe as it would be with any online retailer or service that has access to your email. The company currently boasts about 1 million users.

One San Francisco-based user, 24-year-old community manager Katherine Menard, says that while she’s not a heavy online shopper — she mostly buys DIY crafting materials and home décor items, such as pillows and wall art, from Amazon — she has saved $50 to $100 in her first year using Paribus.

“It’s been super-streamlined and easy to use,” she told HelloGiggles. “When I purchased my Kindle, I think I immediately got $15 or $20 back just because it dropped its price right after I made my purchase.”

Another user, 56-year-old Debbie Rios from Deer Park, New York, says she got $100 back in one day after signing up with Paribus in November, right before Cyber Monday.

“I did lots of shopping online that weekend,” she says. “It was so exciting to receive email after email that I saved $10 at Kohl’s, $20 at Nordstrom, $3 at Amazon, etc. without having to do anything at all but register for the app.”

So basically the only question left is, why don’t you have this app yet?