Cameron Glover
Updated Dec 15, 2016 @ 11:56 am
Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex on Display in Washington D.C.
Credit: Mark Wilson/Newsmakers

Missing out on the opportunity to see a real-life T-rex is a saddening reality for many people, especially dinosaur enthusiasts. But, if you want to see a T-Rex with your own eyes, now might be your chance. The attraction that you need to see this holiday season is the lifesize recreation of a T-Rex skeleton made entirely out of balloons.

Made as part of the “The Coolest Things I Ever Made” series on YouTube, the story behind this impressive recreation is great. World Balloon Modeling champion Mark Verge has the coolest job around, recreating all sorts of things entirely out of balloons.

But this life-size T-Rex is probably his best work yet — what else can you say about sculpting teeth and bones out of your favorite party decorations?

The recreation needed approximately 1,400 balloons total to recreate, but the painstaking number of hours it took to make things just right certainly paid off. Check out the jurassic action for yourself.