waterbed dog

Meet Nessie the Great Dane, the dog who can walk on water. Oh, she can also pounce, run, and generally be adorable on it, too.

When we first saw this video, we thought we were watching the world’s biggest dog romp around on the world’s biggest waterbed. But this is actually a pool cover, guys. (Just a technicality in our book. Nessie’s too, apparently.) According to her pet parent, she first discovered the joys of playing on it when she was just three months old. She’s been frolicking around on the pool cover like it’s her own private waterbed paradise ever since. Sometimes the humans even join in the fun and everyone plays chase on it.

Um, seriously? Yep. For reals. In the caption to the video, Nessie’s owner, Marci M, says the cover has even been advertised with two football teams playing on top of it. A tornado once hit Marci’s house and dropped a gigantic pine tree on the pool cover, and it didn’t make a single hole. So yeah, it’s pretty sturdy. Sturdy enough for Nessie, who weights 140 pounds, to gallop around like a unicorn in a magical, billowy land where everything is serene and wonderful. So rest easy, this cutie pie is safe.

She’s also totally living her best life. You go, Nessie.

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[Image and video via YouTube.]