Johnni Macke
June 05, 2016 8:40 am

It might be the 10-year anniversary of The Hills, but we’re taking it back, back to the beginning (see what we did there) when Lauren Conrad was on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. In 2004, the first season of the MTV reality show began and it was glorious.

Over the next two seasons (does Season 3 even count?) there was drama, love and lots of beach hangs. The episodes were “real” (aka semi scripted) and looking back they taught us a lot about life. Honestly, as silly as the show was, the Laguna Beach crew was actually kind of brilliant. Check out all the lessons we learned below:

No boy is worth making enemies over

Stephen was great and all, but the drama between Kristin and Lauren (aka LC) was totally unnecessary. Technically, LC tried to get over Stephen, but every time he had an issue with Kristen she was there to pick up the pieces. It was toxic and in the end their rivalry hurt everyone in their crew and NO ONE even ended up with him. Ugh.

Failing school is never a good thing

When LC got grounded for her grades and missed the Catalina trip it was a BIG deal, but in all honesty her parents were totally justified in her punishment. If you fail your classes you can’t graduate and then what are you going to do? It’s a slippery slope.

Having a crush hurts

This might’ve been the biggest lesson on the show. Despite their deep friendship, LC’s crush on Stephen ruled her life and ruined her in the process. If we know one thing it’s that they are definitely called “crushes” for a reason. Side note: waterproof mascara can’t even help you when your crush breaks your heart.

Even if he’s your boyfriend he should put in the effort

Stephen and Kristin and Dieter and Jessica proved that even if you have a significant other that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the fireworks and romance. When each girl was asked to their junior prom, their BFs made a big deal about asking them and it mad our hearts happy. Remember when Stephen broke into Kristin’s house? Oh, young love.

Getting a new car is a really big deal

Despite what most people probably took away from the kids who lived in the glamorous Laguna Beach, they were pretty grateful for everything they got. Lo was especially excited when she got her white Volkswagon Jetta for graduation because it is a BIG FREAKING DEAL to get a car no matter how old you are.

Going back to high school is not the same as being in it

When you actually leave your hometown, you can always go back, but just know it will not be the same. High school was four years and that is it, so when you visit it will be very different, which LC learned the hard way. She tried to hang out with the new senior class, but it was awkward to the max.

Watching a ridiculous show with your gal pals is a right of passage

One should NEVER feel bad about the guilty TV shows you watch with your BFFs. The girls on Laguna tuned in every week for The O.C. the same way you might’ve watched Laguna Beach or currently watch The Bachelorette, expect they didn’t have wine or drinking games, which is highly recommended.

Your car breaking down is a nightmare

After seeing Kristin scream “my car is totally dunzo,” in the middle of the road, the fear of your car breaking down became all too real. We also learned that whining about your car and then refusing to take care of it doesn’t get you anywhere in life. Sorry, Kristin.

Life goes by really quick, so stop and enjoy it

Each of the Laguna Beach casts’ senior year went by in the blink of an eye which got us thinking about how fast life really does goes. Just stop and smell the ocean air, have sleepovers with your BFFs, and enjoy life while you can!

Laguna Beach was such a great show of its era! It might’ve been all about high school drama and ridiculous senior  trips, but it was also full of life lessons. Now if only there was a real reunion in the works, then our lives would be complete.