libra season
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Do you feel that? It’s in the air — a faint humming that leaves you feeling recharged and refreshed. Ahhhh, yes. Say hello to Libra season, which lasts from September 23rd to October 22nd. Entering the air sign of the scales feels like a much-needed break after the intensity of grounded Virgo season. While Virgo is all about getting things done, à la hard work and organization, Libra is all about how we feel when we do this work. Ruled by Venus — the planet of love, sex, and beauty — Libra also reminds us to enjoy life by basking in pleasure.

To get the lowdown on how to indulge this season, we spoke to Amelia Quint, astrologer and founder of The Midheaven. Read on for everything you need to know about Libra season.

Balance it, babe.

Libra is symbolized by the scale of justice, which is a perfect representation of the sign. Both just and fair, Libras know what it means to see both sides of the story. Their season asks us to see things in the same light, taking in multiple viewpoints before rushing to a conclusion.

We can use the energy of the season by assessing where we need a little extra balance. Working too hard? Do something luxurious for yourself, like getting a massage or a mani-pedi. Slacking on your goals? Try getting a new planner and setting some new weekly or monthly goals. Libra’s nurturing energy matched with its penchant for fairness means we have the opportunity to balance our own scales in a gentle way.

Libras are lovers (there’s no denying it) and their season is filled with all the love.

This energy may just lead to you finding love, too. Amelia points out,

While Libras may get a rep as being solely surface level — all air and no substance — that’s not the truth. Don’t judge a sign by its stereotypes, after all. Libra is all about communicating, collaborating, and working together to create harmony. Libra season also invites us to inject any and everything with a fair dose of beauty.

Face it: Sometimes, something pretty or pleasurable helps us recalibrate before we start something new.

So yes, go on that date and book that hair appointment. It’s a season of luxury, and you shan’t be shamed for it! If you want to amp up the magick this season, then Amelia suggests incorporating this into your spiritual practice.

Want to feel powerful and fierce? Try wearing red or a red lip. Want to feel soft and open-hearted? Try wearing that pink duster in the back of your closet, or even a millennial pink eyeshadow. By incorporating magical details into your life, you’ll be working with the energy of Libra season in an intense and integrated way. And if you need more inspiration on how to channel this energy, Amelia suggests watching movies and shows that are visually stunning. And if these striking films or movies explore the power of relationships, they’ll be even more suited for Libra season.

Amelia suggests Aziz Ansari’s Master of None and Stanley Kubrick’s throwback Eyes Wide Shut to get you in the Libra mood.

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If you’re looking for a Libra to channel this season, look no further than Cardi B: “She’s the epitome of Libra season — charming, yet strong and self-possessed. Plus, Libra season is a great time to buy yourself something expensive, like bloody shoes!”

This season is all about feeling good, so watch your favorite artsy flick, go on that fancy date, and indulge. The cosmos are saying you deserve it.