Scarlet Meyer
Updated Dec 26, 2016 @ 8:49 am
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

The holiday season is a great time to reflect on what you appreciate about your life. Things like love, light, family, friends, and Liam Hemsworth. Specifically Liam Hemsworth in a Christmas onesie. Yes, that last part of my list is a real thing that occurred just yesterday. Liam Hemsworth participated in a great photo op with girlfriend Miley Cyrus and dog friend Dora, and it is giving us some serious holiday spirit!

In case you haven’t been stalking following Miley Cyrus and Liam Hesmworth over the holidays, then you may not know that they have been up to endless holiday antics over the last few days. We’re talking ugly holiday sweater pics, light up Christmas bows, and several Santa suit photos.

Now check out how cute everyone in this picture is!

The caption reads,

We seriously love everything about this picture.

Liam is looking so adorable in his very festive reindeer Christmas onesie (that has a hood!). Miley is looking beautiful and relaxed in her super ’60s-style pajama bottoms and what looks like the world’s coziest red sweater. And they’re both cuddled together with rescue dog Dora.

And let’s be real: The true love story in this photo is between Miley and Dora. The fact that Dora is a rescue and Miley uses her post to advocate animal rescue and adoption makes for the most perfect of holiday messages (and makes us love Miley SO MUCH). Cyrus fans know that she has a long and storied love of pets and rescuing animals.

Check out these cute pictures of Miley and Dora from earlier in the day:

All we’re saying is that Liam definitely has some competition. So happy holidays to Miley, Liam, Dora, and Liam’s Christmas onesie! You guys really know how to have fun and get in the spirit!