Jayla Lee
Updated Dec 30, 2014 @ 1:51 pm

I don’t know about you, but I am so giddy about dreaming up some life-changing resolutions and having a clean slate once again. There are a lot of things I’m hoping for in 2015, such as true love, more time for singing, and a successful time preparing for college graduation—you know, the usual.

But before we put on our glitzy 2015 glasses and watch the ball drop, let’s remember to bring honor to our lives in the year 2014. I think you should embrace the YOU of this year by writing a letter to your future self. (Handwritten, or electronically via www.futureme.org.) Write your story, and never let yourself forget it. You know how Noah did that for Allie in The Notebook? Well, consider this letter-writing tradition to be your own version of a self-love story. Let’s call it, The Awesome Book, dedicated to your wonderful self. Here are a few reasons why you should go for it.

First of all, these are truly the “good old days” that you will one day want to look back on. As time goes by, we might still remember 2014 in general terms. But the little things make a memory so much more real to us. I’ll always remember my first love,
but if I hadn’t journaled about the first time we danced together, I probably wouldn’t smile half as big as I am right now.

Second, it’s good to gain perspective on where you were a year ago and all that you’ve overcome. A letter to your future self is the perfect way to celebrate your everyday victories. Browsing through my past letters, the content progresses from guy worries to newfound dreams about school and my future career, and I can actually see how I became less of a fussy teenager to a content, young adult. I’m pretty stoked about this, to be honest. It also helps to lay out your newfound wisdom on paper. The letter can help you avoid making the same mistakes again in the future and be a better you.

Third, it helps you solidify the good. Through letter-writing, you have an opportunity to capture your year in a positive light. This is your chance to leave 2014 with an attitude of gratitude. Let go of the things that made you feel belittled or just plain awkward. . .unless they were giggle-worthy or taught you a valuable lesson, of course.

Finally, your future self will thank you for it. It may seem tedious now. You might just want to forget this year all together—we’ve all been there. Regardless, there is still something to be learned so you should make those struggles worthwhile. If you take the time to write it out, your future self will be better able to see how the bad times totally pave the way for the good times.

After you sign your letter with an elegant TTYL and seal it with a kiss, I hope you all have the best new year. May our resolutions last longer than a week. May we buy more sassy shoes than ever before. And may we always choose love when it comes to others
and ourselves. Consider this a virtual toast to a bright 2015. Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s all yours. *clink*

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