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Brace yourselves. Your heart might exploded from an overload of cuteness. A group of three adorable little girls (ages 5 and 6) are sharing their most honest thoughts and giving some great advice on texting boys. Cosmopolitan asked the trio for help with some of their boy problems, and the result is simply too precious.

One interviewer asks the girls what they would think if a boy texted them really late at night, to which little Lulu responds, “because maybe he likes you.” Not a bad guess, Lulu. Not a bad guess. Nina thinks it might mean something else though: “I think, maybe he is sleeping and he’s a sleepy head.” Oh, to be young again. The girls also think if you like a boy, you should definitely send him a selfie because, “then he might text you back.” The ideal selfie face to send they say: a funny face (duh!).

The girls keep offering up their sage advice when one of the interviewers asks what she should do about a boy who never texted her back, saying, “I think you should go to the pizza store. Who doesn’t love pizza?” Fantastic point, Nina. The answer is, no one worth trusting. And Nina is wise beyond her years to know that pizza does solve (or at least help us temporarily forget about) most heartbreaks.

Lulu describes “ghosting” as, “if you have one boy, and if you’re scaring him, it’s like you’re both scaring each other.” Lulu, that’s honestly a better explanation than I could come up with because I was unaware “ghosting” was even a thing (the common adult definition of “ghosting,” if you were also out of the loop, is when someone ends a relationship by simply ending contact without warning or explanation).

The young trio also have some pretty progressive thoughts. When asked if it’s okay for girls to ask guys on dates, Nina responds, “Of course it is!” These little girls make it all seem so simple. It feels like we grownups could benefit from their outlook on life and gender politics.

Takeaways from the chat with the ladies: Don’t stress about texting boys back, selfies are totally cool, and when in doubt, just go eat some pizza (and do the pizza dance). Oh, and can someone please tell me where I can buy all of their outfits in adult sizes? Please and thank you.

Check out the insanely cute video by Cosmopolitan to see Lulu, Nina, and Judith give their best texting advice.

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