Celebrities who are Leo zodiac
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Leo season is here and that means one thing: Time to unleash your inner lioness. This fire-ruled sign allows us to feed our passions, live loudly and unapologetically, and to fan the flame of our desires. Leo season, which is symbolized by the lion, also invites us to step into a space where the spotlight is on us. It’s a time to find what we love, and to let it ignite the way for our hopes and dreams to manifest. We talked to astrologer Annabel Gat — who writes daily and monthly horoscopes for Broadly, and VICE’s Snapchat — about the ins and outs of Leo season, so you can face the season with courage and an open heart.

First and foremost, Leo season is all about celebration. So grab your favorite dress and dancing shoes and get ready to hit the town. This is a season for doing it big, and no, you don’t actually *need* something to celebrate to celebrate. After all, it’s summer and the sun is shining. Let the sun remind you of your own vibrancy and warmth. Let it help you find a reason to toast to something new.

Since we have a full solar eclipse happening next month, we have the opportunity to really manifest something that sparks our hearts and souls this season — with a little extra help from the cosmos.

If you’re feeling extra loving, or like an emotional mess with your heart cracked wide open, don’t sweat it. Annabel says,

If you’re not sure what to channel during the reign of the lion, Annabel suggests anything over-the-top, dramatic, and glamourous. And if there’s singing and dancing involved, that’s even better.

So whether you’re cueing up La La Land or Moulin Rouge, remember to find something that invigorates your mind and heart, with the reminder that you have every right to be the decadent, lavish queen of the jungle you are. You can also be reminded of your fierce goddess essence by playing with your style. Dress up in your fanciest outfit just because, try some metallic eye shadow, or simply go lingerie shopping.

Leo season is all about doing it big, bold, and beautiful, and working with your style is a fun and empowering way to do that.

Leo season also asks us how we can step into our power. What’s holding you back from being the biggest, brightest star you can be? Start with what you’re scared of, or what you have self-doubt about, and go from there. Maybe you’ll try journaling, or taking a class you’ve been too nervous to take. Maybe you need to take care of yourself in a new way. Try meal planning, going to a new grocery store, or play around with using a meal delivery service.

Sometimes, stepping into our power means working from the ground up. Don’t be scared to reevaluate! Even the lion has to take a look around and assess their territory. Finding passion in the small things is only going to help you find more vivacity in the big things.

If you’re looking to add some magick to your life, then thank the cosmos. Because everything is in alignment.

So whether you’re writing what you hope to manifest on an orange candle and burning it at the full moon, or simply spending time under the sun with your best friends, use the energies of the season to help set off your wildest dreams.

This month, we invite you to stop apologizing for taking up space. We invite you to recognize your importance. We invite you to remember how incredible, brave, powerful, and magical you are. You have every right to all the best this world has to offer.

This season, we’re asking you to embrace your inner lioness. Find that pep in your step and let out that roar. Leo season is here, and baby, it’s time for you to shine as bright as the sun.