Here are some ideas for your favorite lions.

Mackenzie Dunn
Jul 21, 2020 @ 1:04 pm
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gifts for leos, leo gifts
Credit: J.Crew, Gorjana, Anthropologie

Leo season (July 23rd to August 24th) is upon us, which means it’s time to honor our most confident, clever, and curious friends in the zodiac. People born as Leos are ruled by the sun, and according to our resident astrologist, Lisa Stardust, these lions love to show off with flashy colors and presents that are as bright as the fiery planet that rules them. “They prefer things that sparkle and shine—after all, they are the most regal sign,” she says.

And when it comes to luxury, Stardust says that Leos prefer you spare no expense in making them feel extra special. “Let’s face it: Your Leo pal can be a diva and demand the best of the best all the time (which is why you love them),” she says. For gregarious Leos, personalization and presentation mean everything—and they love to be the center of attention during their birth month, so now's the time to spoil them.

If you’re looking for some gift ideas for Leos, we’ve rounded up some items that are fit for their unique, vivacious personalities.

Best gifts for Leos:

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gifts for leos, j crew headband

1 Bright headband

"Leos are known for their big manes of hair, which is why a flashy headband is ideal for them," says Stardust. This one is bright, bold, and perfect for Leo's summer birthday month.

gifts for leos, portable karaoke microphone

2 Karaoke microphone

Your Leo friend loves the spotlight. Honor their dramatic vibe with a portable karaoke device that lets them belt it out and take center stage. This one comes with a built-in phone holder so they can pick a song and display the lyrics. Plus, it can record and remix their tunes.

Urban Outfitters
gifts for leos, bauble bar bracelet

3 Personalized bracelet

You can never go wrong with jewelry, and Stardust says gold is Leo's signature color. Add their name or a fun message to this cool bracelet for a gift they'll really appreciate.

Bauble Bar
gifts for leos, leo constellation astrology necklace

4 Constellation necklace

This gorgeous gold coin necklace gives a nod to the Leo constellation, honoring the sign's humorous, charming, and kind nature as it was written in the stars.

gifts for leos, amazon tripod

5 Tripod/selfie stick

As we said, Leos love the spotlight. Gift them a selfie stick that doubles as a tripod so they can take their talents to social media—whether that means filming TikToks or fielding questions on Instagram Live.

gifts for leos

6 Phone ring light

Tap into Leo's surefire self-confidence by gifting them this handy portable ring light. It's perfect for taking selfies, filming beauty tutorials, or anything in between.

gifts for leo, voluspa candle

7 Decadent candle

An intoxicating candle will help get the creative Leo to feel inspired. This one smells like a citrus-tinged blend of cassis and Asian pear. Plus, it comes in an intricate glass jar that doubles as a gorgeous home accessory.

gifts for leos

8 Fun press-on nails

Awesome press-on nails with crystals and vibrant colors for your lion bestie’s paws are a great glam gift for your sassy friend.

gifts for leos, asos sequin dress

9 Sequin Mini Dress

A sparkly summertime dress that will allow them to be seen and noticed a mile away screams big Leo energy.

gifts for leos

10 Paint-by-number kit

"Leos are also creative peeps, so a gift that highlights their artistry will make them roar with delight," says Stardust. This Lisa Frank-inspired paint-by-number set comes with everything they need to create their own masterpiece.

gifts for leos

11 Flower crown

Ditch the traditional birthday tiara for a bohemian flower crown. Leos are the rulers of the jungle, after all.

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