News broke this week that Girls, the breakout HBO show by Lena Dunham, will be ending following its next season. The show, which is about to start season five in February, has one more year to wrap up the stories of its 20-something stars, and will end after the sixth season in 2017.

The feeling must be bittersweet for Dunham, 29, who broke onto the Hollywood scene as a show creator and actor with the fresh look at women’s experiences in their early twenties. “I conceived of Girls when I was 23 and now I’m nearly 30 — the show has quite perfectly spanned my 20s, the period of time that it’s about — and so it feels like the right time to wrap our story up,” Lena said in a statement after the news broke of the series’ approaching end.

So what’s one of Hollywood’s hottest young showrunners got in the pipeline now? You might think she’s busy planning her next industry takeover, but in truth, Lena’s got a lot more on her plate right now — like politics! She’s been active in Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President, stumping for the candidate and interviewing the Secretary of State. She’s also greatly involved in her own feminist website and newsletter, Lenny.

Speaking to People, Lena admitted that her plans are a little nebulous at the moment. In addition to working on Clinton’s primary campaign during her off-season from Girls, she says she’s looking forward to potentially filming another movie — her last as a writer, Nobody Walks, came out in 2012. Moreover she’s just hoping to be “a human being with hobbies.”

Don’t think she’s planning to disappear off the map, however. Lena was quite clear in her statements to People that she’ll be staying visible in the political and social spectrum. “I’ll continue to advocate for causes that feel meaningful to me and that I can be helpful with and turn my attention to,” she insists. Looks like we can all plan on more great projects and great work from this dynamic writer and dedicated activist soon!

(Images via HBO, Twitter.)