Well, here’s something LEGO-lovers have known all along — LEGOS aren’t just toys, they’re legit art.

Tomorrow The Art of the Brick, a traveling exhibition of more than 100 pieces of artwork — all made of LEGOS — will make its temporary home at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The exhibit will run through September 6, and includes recreations of masterpieces like The Mona Lisa and Starry Night, as well as a 20-foot T-Rex, which, to me, is a full-on masterpiece. Because 20 feet of LEGO dinosaur?? It used to take me (and probably still would) four to six days to complete a miniature LEGO helicopter. The instructions on those things are COMPLEX.

Every single piece of LEGO art was created by contemporary artist Nathan Sawaya, who happens to be the first artist ever to create LEGO art, even though thousands of LEGO-loving kids would probably disagree with that statement (my sister being one of them . . . shout out to her 1992 LEGO city).

Each piece of work consists of anywhere from a couple hundred to tens of thousands of LEGO bricks. That’s SO many LEGOS, you guys. Like, where does Sawaya even keep the pieces? He must have so many shoe boxes and Ziploc baggies.

Take a look at some of the incredible LEGO sculptures making the rounds in Sawaya’s exhibition and if you’re in Philadelphia, I mean it goes without saying, but get yourself in gear and go to the Franklin Institute. Glory like this doesn’t happen every day, people.

Now, to take a peek at some of Sawaya’s redonk LEGO creations:

And check out a video of some behind the scenes action with Sawaya here. Worth your time, chickadees.

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