Rachel Paige
Updated February 05, 2015 6:54 am

Left Shark’s world domination tour continues on, thankfully. If your still caught up in Left Shark pandemonium — which you most definitely still should be — you can now get a full size Left Shark costume, and in doing so, you’ll be helping the environment at the same time.

Left Shark and environmental enthusiast David Lam set up an Indiegogo campaign on Monday to bring these two beautiful things together. Lam’s no stranger to helping the environment, and once established an Engineers Without Borders Water Project in Kenya. Meanwhile, 100 percent the proceeds of his Left Shark campaign will head to one of two different wildlife charities: World Wildlife Fund or the Wildlife Conservation Society. So far, he’s met his $5,000 goal and counting. Currently, he’s raised well over $20,000. Left Shark must be SO proud.

But wait, what do you get in return for donating? What are the Left Shark perks? Just one dollar will get you a “hilarious” thank you email. $5 will get you a Left Shark sticker to literally wear your Left Shark pride.

Lightning fast donations to the cause, $59 – $99, will get you in early to purchase that highly coveted Left Shark suit. AKA, the shark costume of our dreams. He promises that he’ll seek out “the best manufacturer that will provide the best value. This will ensure a quality suit for you and plenty of money raised for charity.” He’s hoping the costumes will be shipped and delivered sometime between May and June of this year – perfect for, you know, bringing Left Shark to the beach, I guess.

It also looks like everyone was faster than us in donating, because most of those early bird passes are already sold out. However, $15 will get you a Left Shark costume sewing template, so you can DIY it at home. Serious question: Will you guys still be friends with me if I snagged a template, made a suit, and wore it ever day of my life?

You have until March 4th to get in on this Left Shark fund and donate to a good cause. Also, does anyone else often think about Right Shark? Wonder what he’s up to.

Images via here and here.