Here’s a name to remember: Rima Karaki.

Karaki is a Lebanese news anchor who recently showed us the best way to deal with rude, misogynistic guests. During an interview with Hani Al-Seba’i, a sheikh and scholar with extremist links and controversial opinions, Karaki responded in the best possible way when she was disrespected. And we mean seriously disrespected. Rather than fight Al-Seba’i, she just cut the mic (after she told him who was boss, of course).

Al-Seba’i was on Al-Jadeed TV to discuss Christians joining ISIS and other extremist Islamic groups. But when Karaki asked him a direct question about how groups like ISIS are attracting recruits from other faith backgrounds, Al-Seba’i decided it was time for a history lesson.

Karaki, however, knew the program was pressed for time and tried to get Al-Seba’i back on task. He responded by telling her not to cut him off, by yelling, and by being so disrespectful you kind of have to wonder if he realized he was on television. A highlight was when Karaki pointed out that they were running out of time for the segment which was why she was cutting him off, and he yelled, “You think you are so high and mighty?!” Not really, sir. She’s just doing her job. Or as Karaki put it, “In this studio, I run the show.”

When Al-Seba’i responded by telling her to “shut up,” she puts an end to the whole thing by cutting his mic. Done and done.

Lebanon is still far from a land of equal rights for women, which makes Karaki’s strength all the more inspirational and important. She’s an outspoken #boss who isn’t about to let any man talk down to her.

As she so eloquently put it, “Either there is mutual respect, or the conversation is over.”

(Image via Telegraph)