Lea Michele is a role model for so many reasons. She can sing, act, and overcome heartbreaking personal obstacles with honesty and grace. She’s also an amazing advocate for women, and recently wrote an essay for The Daily Beast outlining her hopes for the future of sisterhood, and a new campaign called #ActuallySheCan.

There are hundreds of reasons to support and encourage young women, but Lea’s personal motivation comes from a place of creativity and confidence:

It’s true. It’s big things, like the work of women not being acknowledged or celebrated in the mainstream media, or small things, like women feeling the need to apologize before or after they decide to speak up, that hold us back from doing all the things we’re absolutely capable of. Thoughts, creativity, change, all of these things are so important, and women should feel that they have the capacity to participate in and facilitate these actions.

Plus, as Lea explains, the confidence of one woman is infectious. If women come together for an entire movement, there’s nothing that can stop them from achieving their goals:

This is such an important message, and it’s so great to have passionate women speaking up for those who sometimes feel they don’t have a voice. As Lea says, “#ActuallySheCan is a reminder that I can, that She can, and that We can.” So let’s do this.