Tess Tobin
Updated Apr 22, 2016 @ 2:36 pm
Credit: Studio Canal

Crazy or not, I want to be Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is a wholly underrated villain, and character, in general. She’s in a league way above her Shakespearean contemporaries; she isn’t whiney like Juliet and Ophelia, she’s bold, beautiful, and bloodthirsty. Lady Macbeth is the ultimate badass; unapologetically ambitious and determined. In a time when women were thought of as nothing but disposable accessories, she mercilessly pursued power. Admittedly, her proclivity to murder is a little off-putting, but a girl’s got to have some flaws.

When Lady Macbeth discovered an opportunity for social mobility, she decided to take a stab at it (yes, pun fully intended). And when her loser of a husband was chickening out, afraid to get his hands dirty, she masterfully manipulated him until she got her way. Lady Macbeth was the brains of the operation, using her husband as a pawn in a game that her gender restricted her from playing.

And when her maternal instincts created internal conflict, she called to the supernatural to replace her compassion with cruelty, and give her the means to seek her goal without the burden of a conscience. While somewhat unsettling, and ultimately unwise, selling your soul to the devil is a pretty killer move. You’ve got to give it to the girl, it takes commitment to dabble with the demonic.

Lady Macbeth is the full package. She’s cunning, resolute, and gorgeous. (Especially when portrayed by Marion Cotilliard.) While her elegance and beauty are only a small part of her appeal, they undeniably add to her allure. And her wardrobe: uhhh, yes please. I’d trade my Lululemon leggings for her Elizabethan garbs any day.

Lady Macbeth is the cool, stunning girl at the bar, who brazenly challenges a hot guy to a game of pool, and swiftly takes him down. Lady Macbeth is the friend you have who you’re maybe a little scared of, but constantly want to be around. Lady Macbeth is the girl killing it in her career, constantly being promoted, albeit in somewhat shady circumstances. While, evil queens and evil step-mothers are more classic villains, they’ve got nothing on Lady Macbeth.