Sarah Terry
August 08, 2016 11:17 am
BBD / Getty

This weekend was the first weekend of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. We were SO pumped to watch some amazing athletes, and so were many celebrities, like Leslie Jones, who showed off her Team USA spirit on social media. Lady Gaga is also apparently a fan of the Games. Yesterday she threw an Olympics BBQ to celebrate, and we wish wewere invited!

Gaga went to the store and got all the essentials for a great BBQ.

Based on her emoji use, we’re assuming she got lots of chicken! And can we talk about that outfit? The rocker tee, cutoffs and hat are our weekend BBQ staples, and Lady Gaga is totally rocking the look.

She does the grilling herself, and we are crazy impressed with her skillz.

This Lady knows how to manage the heat with that killer bikini top. And check out the color on that chicken. Looks delish!

This food setup is pure summertime!

Seriously, Lady Gaga, can we come to your next party, because that food is definitely a step above the pre-made burgers and bowl of chips we’re used to!

Teach us your BBQ secrets, and we’ll heart you forever!

Who are we kidding, we already do!