During the holiday season, everyone tends to see more engagement announcements on their feed (after all, a recent UK survey found that 31% of people think Christmas Day is the best time to propose). So when we saw that Kylie Jenner posted a snapshot on Instagram of her hand decked out with a CRAZY massive diamond, we couldn’t help but wonder — is this the real deal? Did Kylie get engaged?!

I mean, seriously, look at the sheer size of this thing:

Of course, the caption of the Insta was pretty vague, with just a Santa emoji. And it certainly got people talking. But Kylie’s here to let us all know that, no, that big ol’ rock is NOT a symbol of engagement. “NO, I’m not engaged,” she wrote on her app yesterday.

She explained that it was just part of her super fancy get-up she wore to the annual Christmas Eve bash hosted by her mom, Kris Jenner. Yep, she wore a massive rock the size of my face to a Christmas party just for the hell of it. You know, as one does.

We probably should have figured. After all, she was wearing the ring on the wrong hand.

“This year’s was so fun (and sparkly)!” she wrote. “It was really special to end such a big year celebrating with all of my friends and family. . . and with an extra special gift from a special someone.”

There you have it, folks: The ring’s not an engagement announcement; just part of Kylie’s Christmas aesthetic.

(Image via Instagram, Twitter.)