The talented and beautiful Krysten Ritter has been a fixture on the Hollywood scene for quite some time now. She is well known for her character “Jane Margolis” on Breaking Bad, as well as her run in the short lived Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23, (and Marshmallows know the star for her nutso character Gia Goodman on Veronica Mars.) But recently, Ritter has been captivating Netflix audiences with her new hit show, Jessica Jones. And people cannot stop raving about it —for good reason.

Jessica Jones follows the story of a woman who is charged with the task of defeating a man named Killgrave. Jones, portrayed by Ritter, has super strength, is funny, cynical, is an alcoholic, oh and is the female star of a superhero universe. The show is smart with amazing dialogue, and it feels real in every moment, even when Jones is throwing people absurd distances.

But of course the best part is Ritter, and her portrayal of the character. And the best part is how down to earth she is in real life. Check out this #tbt (one day early) Twitter post from the actress. In it, she shows that she wasn’t always the smooth-talking, cool superhero-playing woman she is today. She, too, went through an awkward phase.

Sometimes it’s hard to picture model-esque actresses as looking like normal kids at any point in their lives. (It just makes us love her even more!) Considering the way that Ritter is currently sky rocketing to fame, she is not wrong. It truly does get better.

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