Christina Pellegrini
Updated Mar 19, 2016 @ 8:00 am
Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

“For the first time in forever,” we’re getting some new Frozen. Yes!

Now there’s FINALLY proof it’s happening for real: According to Kristen Bell, the actress who plays the role of Anna in the original animated film, the production on Frozen 2 may start as soon as this month! Can we start dancing now?

In an interview with Collider—ostensibly to promote Bell’s new film The Boss, but come on, what interviewer isn’t going to pivot to Frozen?—she dished on if they’ve started recording:

In case you’re concerned that it’s been so long since the cast has gotten together, don’t worry. Kristen says that they reunite all the time, staving off any Frozen withdrawal:

We can’t wait till they get together again and create some more magic!