Most parents will agree that finding ways to make parenting easier will never go out of fashion. Call them what you will — life hacks, mom hacks, dad hacks, whatever — they are always welcome in a busy family household. Perfect example: Kristen Bell’s “mom hack” is one that parents should add to their toolboxes — because it’s actually borderline genius.

Bell’s tip is called “hands on the circle” and is used to keep kids away from moving vehicles while mom unloads the trunk. She shared it on Instagram and wrote in the caption,

This is brilliant. Way to go, Kristen Bell’s sister-in-law!

The actress and mother-of-two has come up with an arsenal of crafty #momhacks to deal with all sorts of #momstruggles. For instance, Bell MacGyver-ed her daughter’s broken pull-up using a hair tie.

And remember when she won the cool mom award for creating these all-natural rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches that we’re sure her kids freaked out about? #MomHack #CoolestMomEver

Husband Dax Shepard has his share of dad hacks too, like this three-seater bike — the perfect ride for one dad and two daughters.

Perhaps Bell should write a how-to book filled with all her best hacks for moms, dads, and people doing life in general. We’d all be very appreciative.