Credit: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian

So it’s almost Halloween, which means creepy/awesome things are about to start happening. Actually, they’re already kicking off! People let us know that Kourtney Kardashian shared a throwback Halloween photo of Kim, and its cuteness factor is seriously competing with those twin babies’ coordinated Halloween outfits we saw last week, and even the 15 cute dogs wearing costumes!

Okay, so here’s what’s going on in Kourtney’s photo. She’s sporting a ballerina costume and posing next to younger sister Kim, who is some kind of badass mini superhero. They both look a teensy bit confused by their outfits, but also kinda proud?

Their mom Kris couldn’t resist re-posting this on Twitter with the caption:

Always one to get into the holiday spirit, Kourtney made sure to post snaps from her elaborate early-Halloween party.

And digging further into Kourtney’s Insta, we found she also posted this darling throwback photo with Kim on her birthday, reinforcing the fact that these sisters were cute as a button even when they weren’t playing dress-up.

Did we just stumble upon #sistergoals and #halloweengoals? Hell yeah we did. Happy Wednesday!