Bridey Heing
April 14, 2015 6:39 am

Koalas, the furry Australian not-bears that steal hearts and cars, are known for their gray fur, fuzzy ears, and love of eucalyptus leaves. But did you know koalas are also total divas who demand first class flights around the South Pacific? (Warning: The previous sentence is only sort of true. The rest of the article is 100% true.)

Four Australian koalas recently traveled from their home country to Singapore, where they will be serving as cultural ambassadors to the city in honor of the 50th anniversary of Singapore as one people. Australia is honoring the celebraion by sending over Paddle, Pellita, Chan, and Idalia as koala ambassadors.

The four koalas will spend about a month in quarantine before being on view at the Singapore Zoo, where they will live for the next six months. To send these fuzzy friends off right, Australian airline Qantas decided to hold a photo shoot showing the koalas in their preferred, luxurious habitat: full-service first class. The koalas must have been sorely shocked when they were put into crates for the actual flight after becoming accustomed to being hand-fed eucalyptus and given hot towels.

Also just take a minute and look at this tiny koalas adorable facial expression:

“Eucalyptus leaves, Paddle?” “Why, yes, don’t mind if I do.”

We love all of this. Have a great business trip in Singapore, new koala friends!

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