Kathryn Hensch
January 10, 2016 8:52 am

Australia seems to be hogging all the adorable animals. Wallabies, quokkas, kangaroos… it’s just not fair. These critters are so gosh darn cute that even native Aussies melt at the sight of one. So it’s totally understandable that the Internet as a whole simultaneously “aww”-ed when South Australian police found a koala hangin’ onto a stop sign.

Can we “re-paw-t” him for being too endearing?! (Sorry, I had to.)

Via Tumblr

Looks like this little guy is koala-fied (I really cannot stop — these koala puns are addictive) to tell us the facts: He sure isn’t a bear. Like kangaroos, koalas are marsupials with pouches. It’s easy to see where the bear association came from since they resemble little gray teddies. Plus, “koala marsupials” just doesn’t flow as well.

Maybe he chose the stop sign on purpose, to ask his fellow countrymen to do so if they see one his buddies crossing the road. After all, it’s a problem his crew faces. It’s hard to get to leaf-eating when you have to dodge cars.

Until the day comes where we all can get a heavy dose of cute from our local police station’s Facebook page, thank goodness we have Australia.

(Images via Facebook, Tumblr.)