Toria Sheffield
December 26, 2017 6:30 am
Getty Images AsiaPac

In news we never knew we needed, but are so glad we got, a road in Australia was blocked due to fighting koalas. Yes. You read that correctly.

A woman named Marguerite Smith captured the incident in South Australia last week while on her way to work. And she thankfully posted it to her Facebook page for all the world to see. The video has already been viewed more than 24 million times and shared by almost 370,000 people.

In the video, Smith films two koalas wrestling in the middle of a small highway while bemusedly saying, “Only in Australia.” She then urges the little fellas with a, “Come on, boys!” followed by, “How am I gonna get to work?” And while at certain points it may look like the adorable creatures are just cuddling, make no mistake: This is a fight (just like, the cutest fight ever).

Okay, here’s the epic video.

Amazing, right?

Koalas — which are often mistakenly called koala bears, even though they’re technically marsupials — can actually be extremely aggressive towards each other, and there’s even the occasional case of koala-on-human violence (however, this usually only occurs when a human does not respect the animal’s natural boundaries and attempts to say, cuddle the wild creature.) Never try to cuddle a koala. We repeat. Never try to cuddle a koala!

Luckily for Smith, these particular koalas eventually broke it up and scampered off, presumably allowing her to finally get to work. We’re glad things worked out for her, and we hope the little critters worked things out amongst themselves, too.