Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Apr 11, 2016 @ 9:43 am
Credit: http://kittify.herokuapp.com/#

We here at HelloGiggles are of the belief that there’s nothing that cannot be improved by cat puns. Alas, it’s harder than you’d think to use a well-placed cat pun in everyday life. Enter Kittify, the website that does the hard work of cat puns for you by translating anything — be it a novel, tweet, or email — into the punniest feline text around.

For a hilarious example, read below the HelloGiggles mission statement like you’ve never seen it before:

How it works is pretty simple. Just type in your desired text (we chose some iconic movie quotes) and watch the cat puns unfold before your eyes:

If you want to know how the magic happens (although we prefer to keep it a mystery), Kittify provides a full English-to-cat dictionary provided by the site. Some examples:

  • kidding = kitten
  • kiddin = kitten
  • say = meow
  • saying = meowing
  • said = meowed
  • community = cat park
  • fantastic = catastic

Creator Daniel Landy shared some even better news on Twitter about Kittify — a Chrome extension:

An entire Internet that’s never not filled with cat puns? We’re downloading this immediately.