A little girl named Scarlette Tipton in Orange County, California, just got a very special Christmas gift. 2-year-old Scarlette lost her left arm to cancer when she was only 10 months old. Her parents decided to adopt a kitten for Scarlette to help her in the healing process. But not just any kitten. They wanted to find a kitten that was differently abled, with the hope that their daughter and the kitty would form a special bond.

On Christmas Eve, they found the perfect match. Holly the cat, a 3-month-old gray and white kitten, had recently come to Riverside County Animal Services after being found hiding in some shrubbery after a traumatic injury. No one knows what exactly happened to Holly, but the amazing people at Riverside performed surgery to amputate her right front leg and nursed her back to health. They put out a news release about Holly’s recovery, and when the Tipton family saw it, they knew they’d found the kitten they’d been waiting for.

Holly still had some healing to do and wasn’t quite ready to go home with the Tiptons until December 30. According to a post on the Riverside County Animal Services Facebook page, “When Scarlette first met the 3-month-old, gray-and-white Holly, she told her mother, ‘owie,’ pointing to the kitten’s injury. ‘Yes,’ Ms. Tipton told her daughter. ‘Yes, an owie. Just like you. But she’s OK – just like you are too.'”

Awww. This story is giving us heart eyes in a major way.

Scarlette is cancer free now. She and Holly are both in recovery mode, and we’re thinking these two cuties will be a lot of help to one another. We can’t imagine a better pair of besties.

You can read more about Scarlette and Holly in the post below.