Credit: Instagram / @thecatlvt

Sometimes, you just need something super sweet to cheer you up. And we have just the thing! Meet Winifred, the adorable micro-kitten. This sweet little thing was actually abandoned by her mom when she was born because she was so little, and it breaks our hearts. But Winifred has since been adopted, and she has the most precious story *ever*.

Nothing like an adorable kitten to brighten our day. Because, seriously, if a teensy, beautiful kitty can’t get you through a bad week, what can?!

In the beginning, she was SO LITTLE.

Technically, she was half the size of a normal kittens birthweight, which is why her mom abandoned her.

But we think her tininess only makes her cuter, obviously.

We can hardly stand how precious those paws are.

Just hanging out in a cup like the tiny little kitty she is!

She’s literally the cutest little thing dressed up for Halloween!

She’s SO cute strutting her stuff. Look at those teensy kitty footsteps!

And hanging out with pals having a grand ol’ time waiting to play!

Look at her in this little kitty pod! So nice and snuggly.

We are so cheering her on! We’re just happy knowing that she found love, and a new mom.