A Persian kitten named Harold remains cautious when it comes to playing, according to a number of eye-witnesses.

“He’s got a few pieces of string and this ball, but he just kinda stares at them,” says Jessica Flores, a source familiar with the situation. “He’s so busy at the office, I’m not sure he really sees a lot of value in playtime.”

Playtime can be valuable for young cats, according to kitten psychologist Geoffrey Eichner. “It hones their paw-eye coordination, and is generally very relaxing,” says Dr. Eichner, who published an August study on feline play in the journal Kittens Today. “It’s strange that Harold is disinterested in a lot of the fun activities of his peers. But, maybe his time is better spent making mad bank. It’s hard to argue with that kind of logic.”

Photos via Belal Khan.

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