Lilian Min
Updated Feb 27, 2015 @ 6:07 am

The only thing cuter than one TV show filled with kittens is even more TV shows filled with kittens, which is why the Hallmark Channel is adding to the world’s overall cuteness quota with the Kitten Summer Games.

Hallmark currently hosts an annual Kitten Bowl (their answer to Animal Planet’s equally-adorable Puppy Bowl), but they’re upping the ante with an all-star lineup of kittens starting the summer of 2016. As with their Kitten Bowl, all of the kittens in the Kitten Summer Games will be adoptable, and Hallmark Channel is partnering with different shelters to promote animal adoption throughout the event.

While the Kitten Bowl roster is capped at around 40 kittens, the Kitten Summer Games will feature hundreds of adoptable critters, and though there’s no official word out on what sports will be represented, we’re hoping they run the full Olympics gamut: track and field (kitten sprints!); swimming (kittens dipping their paws in water!); basketball (kittens sleeping in baskets!).

It’s fantastic that we’re getting so much quality baby animal TV, but even better is the fact that all of these programs are geared toward raising awareness about animal adoption. We’ll definitely be tuning into the Kitten Summer Games come 2016, but until then, get involved with your local animal shelters and make every day adorable and animal-filled!

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