How’s this fine Monday treating you all? Not so good? I know we all gained an hour over the weekend (thank you, time change!), but a few of us (ALL of us) might be suffering from a candy hangover. #Halloweenproblems, amirite?

Wherever you are this Monday, a heaping dose of motivation never hurt anyone. And we’ve found today’s motivation in the form of an adorable kitten video, because as we all know, kitten videos are always the answer to any life problem. ALWAYS, you guys.

The kitten in the video below is the ultimate go-getter. And she stops at NOTHING to get what she wants. What is it that she wants? She wants to jump on the table, and she’s not letting a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. stop her. Not even a half-dozen or so crash landings. Because she WANTS IT. (Seriously, what’s on that table? A platter of tuna? A big bowl of catnip? We need to know.) We love all the meowing that goes down, BTW. Somehow we just know she’s giving herself a serious pep talk. Spoiler alert: It totally works.

Monday, you guys. Let’s do this!

[Image and video via YouTube.]