Sammy Nickalls
October 18, 2015 9:58 am

When you see a picture of a tiny kitten, it’s hard not to be absolutely smitten by the cuteness. But a Facebook post by an animal shelter is going viral. . . for the most heart-shattering reason ever.

When an unnamed woman was walking her dog down an alleyway in Kirkland, Washington, she saw a box. She would have just kept on walking by — after all, on the outside, it looked like an ordinary box — if it weren’t for her dog, which sniffed the box with interest. The woman decided to open it, and inside was a beautiful kitten with bright blue eyes. . . as well as a note that was clearly penned by a child. “My mommys [sic] boyfriend is mean to me. Desperet [sic] for a loving home,” the note read in orange magic marker, ending in a frowny face.

The woman took the kitten home, got it checked out at the vet to make sure it was healthy, and found it was a bit thin, but otherwise healthy. Then, she took it to her local shelter — MEOW Cat Rescue, which shared pictures of the note and the kitten on Facebook. “The baby is now in a foster home with other kittens of similar age and doing very well,” the shelter wrote in its Facebook post. “We are so happy to have her.”

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The post has been shared hundreds of times with over 1,500 likes. Some have suggested the woman leave a note in the same place she found the box saying the kitten has been found and is in loving care, in case the child comes across it. Many have commented fearing for the welfare of the child who wrote the note — that perhaps the boyfriend will harm him or her. “Yes,” MEOW Cat Rescue responded. “This is the very same concern we have.”

We’re so happy that the kind-hearted woman took it upon herself to take the kitten to the vet and get it to a loving rescue group, and that the kitten is safe and sound. This is certainly a bittersweet story, and hopefully the Internet can track down the child who wrote the note. It is the Internet, after all.

(Image via Facebook.)