Kit Steinkellner
October 01, 2015 5:57 pm

There are trends we just don’t understand. Like, really, really, REALLY don’t understand.

As news outlet KFOR reports, the latest new fad for teens involves filming a teen saying “Kiss Cam” into the camera, running up to a stranger, kissing them on the mouth, then running away as fast as their feet can carry them, and shortly after, posting said video on Vine.

You kind of have to see it to believe it.  Check out the compilation video media outlet of the phenomenon:

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Okay, look, we’re picking up the silly and mischievous vibe this trend is throwing down, and we hate to buzzkill on it, but kissing someone without permission is a pretty major boundary violation. If you watch the people that are, you know, being kissed against their will in these videos, you can see that most people freeze in what looks like clear shock and often pretty visible discomfort, while a few people actually seem to be trying to wrestle free of the surprise kisses. It’s clear that Kiss Cam instigators mean no harm with their social media stunts. From the looks of these videos, the Kiss Cam phenomenon looks like it is almost always intended to be a hilarious gag, and we’re sure most participants would be horrified if someone were to sit them down and explain to them that “forced kissing” actually falls under the the commonly accepted definition of sexual assault.

So, knowing that, going forward, let’s hope that the Kiss Cam goes the way of the dinosaurs, and in its place rises a new Vine trend that is able to prank with the best of them — without trespassing on people’s personal space. The moral of this story is don’t try to steal smooches. If you want a kiss, just ask nicely.


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Image via YouTube