Remember when 18-year-old Kirsten Dunst appeared in Maxim magazine topless, wearing only a denim jacket? So does she, and apparently, not so fondly. In a new interview with Stylist, Dunst says she felt forced to shoot the spread with less clothes than she was comfortable wearing.

In the interview, the actress is asked why she’s such a polite, good person (we can think of different words to describe what happened, like perhaps “pressured” and “uncomfortable”). And, Dunst, who is more game for the question that we would be, starts by admitting she didn’t smoke pot until she was 18 and then follows this up by revealing that she was “bullied” into that particular cover shoot —in order to promote the release of Bring It On.

While KiKi looks great and sexy and beautiful in this cover shoot, we feel sad that she felt pressured into showing her sexuality in such a forced way.

“I was too young, I didn’t like it,” Dunst says. “Not good. But then I got a whole new team of people!” We certainly hope so! That’s the kind of experience no young girl should have: the super creepy feeling of being more exposed than you are comfortable with. And taken advantage of when you’re inexperienced and maybe don’t understand or are afraid to say “no.”

Maybe you’ve noticed, but Kirsten has been all over the Internet lately promoting the new season of Fargo, in which Dunst plays the midwestern Peggy Blumquist —a beautician with big dreams who gets her husband in some major, major trouble. Sounds like another, uh, killer season of Fargo. And we’re excited Dunst is bringing it to a whole new level.

(Image via Maxim)