Bren Lee
January 30, 2016 8:28 am

Remember Kirk Gleason from Gilmore Girls? He was the not-always-loveable goofball who appeared off and on throughout the series. His character was occasionally difficult, even earning the nickname “Kirk the Jerk” in one episode. However, that lovable goofable, whose real name is Sean Gunn, has grown up into a certifiable dreamboat. He has aged like a fine wine, and is constantly posting photos on Instagram that are absolutely swoonworthy — definitely just the kind of guy you’d like to date.

Think of the possibilities! Maybe you might go camping for a weekend, and you can see him looking rugged yet adorable as he poses in nature with fresh bedhead.

You’d get to hang out with him and his cat and get endless moments like this. By the way, we’re so jealous of whomever took this photo.

Here he is sharing his generous spirit with all creatures. Sharing is caring!

The only thing cuter than one Kirk is two:

We have no words for this one except for “awwww!”

Think of all the fun you could have watching Gilmore Girls together!

(Images via Instagram)