Credit: A Periam Photography / Shutterstock

We’d probably freak out if we saw one in person, but watching this video of a king cobra drinking water is definitely something to experience. (Especially from the safety of our own homes!) The thirsty snake who is drinking bottled water like a pro is currently making the rounds because it’s so peaceful, and pretty cool to witness. King cobras — they’re just like us!

In reality, the king cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake, which is why we’ve never really seen them as being “cute” before.

King cobras usually feast on small animals, including other snakes and birds. And they drink Poland Spring and Aquafina, according to these animal rescue workers.

The snake, who was reportedly located in Southern India, was about 12 feet long. Workers realized that it had gone off track in search for water, and decided to offer some assistance. As you can see, the snake knew exactly what to do.

Southern India is actually in the midst of severe droughts.

While unfortunate, it’s somewhat fascinating to see how these extremely dangerous weather conditions affect creatures large and small, and bring us together.

Credit: Caters Clips / YouTube

While the whole video is impressive, it’s pretty incredible to realize that the snake seemingly knew that he was being helped instead of harmed.

It’s kind of beautiful to see footage of all of nature’s creatures lending a helping hand when times get tough.