Bridey Heing
May 29, 2015 11:41 am

It’s no secret that kids say some of the absolute weirdest stuff imaginable. (The darnedest things, amirite?) Spend a few hours with a five-year-old and you are bound to walk away laughing and scratching your head. So imagine the material you’d have if you spent all day with a group of 20 or so kids. Fortunately, one anonymous teacher has decided to turn the often imaginative and always off the wall stuff their students say into a social media sensation! Gigglers, meet “Live from Snack Time!”

Although now an Instagram account, “Live From Snack Time” started on Twitter, where the anonymous NYC teacher started posting out-of-context one-liners from their students.

Okay, that last one definitely has a point.

But it wasn’t long before the genius behind the Twitter took to Instagram to illustrate a few of the amazing quotes. The unique style of childlike wisdom mixed with straight up weirdness is beyond hilarious—can you imagine the context for some of these?

“Live from Snack Time” currently has over 14,000 followers on Instagram. And although the school year is ending, which means this particular class will be graduating to first grade, we can’t wait to see what random stuff this teacher’s next group of Kindergarteners say!

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