Kenya Foy
February 01, 2017 11:44 am
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Another day, another clip of children giving us their unfiltered (and often unflattering) opinions on things that adults love. This time around, WatchCut assembled a group of kids to try tea from around the world.

First off, if you’re unfamiliar with this series in which kids basically eat stuff and tell us how much they hate it, do yourself a favor and immediately add kids trying healthy food from the past century and kids trying dark chocolate to your list of required viewing that involves children offering up hot takes on important food-related issues. (And if you’re frowning at that last remark, we are *so* disappointed that you don’t value children’s culinary criticism as much as we do.)

After watching this video, the overall consensus appears to be that kids just aren’t that into tea, which is perfectly fine!

At this early stage in life, they’re just not ~refined~ enough. Besides, that leaves more tea for us and less caffeine-induced hyperactivity for them.

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So, the kids were treated to (or tortured by, depending on who you ask) samples of Indian Chai tea, Taiwanese bubble tea, Yerba Mate of South America and mint tea from Morocco.  To sum this up nicely, if you asked them, none of the drinks qualify as teas you need to try right now.

Not even the bubble tea passed the taste test.

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This little girl wants no parts of the Yerba Mate.

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And it basically goes even further downhill from there.

LOL. These panelists are obviously still young, tender and tea-less, but we’re sure they’ll be die-hard tea drinkers in no time.